Practice-Based Training

STETS now offers Practice-Based Training (PBT), alongside our current FdA, BA and MA programmes. If you are able to train for an additional 17.5 hours a week it offers you greater opportunity to bring together practice and theology and to do ‘reflection in action’. This is complementary to our current programmes. Students in other respects follow identical educational programmes to other part-time students, and are full members of their year-cohort.

The extra dimension is that you will be rooted and immersed in a local, but unfamiliar, church context and gain first-hand experience of a wider range of ministry- and mission-practice. And, crucially, you will be enabled to reflect wisely and candidly on this. Where possible, students can be employed and be paid a stipend by the local church; otherwise they will act in a voluntary capacity. You will be supervised by a local training minister, who will be given thorough, ongoing, supervisory training from STETS.

Entry to PBT is dependent on finding a suitable training context and appropriate supervisor, which we may be able to help you with. Potential incumbent candidates are eligible for a 50% single student maintenance grant.

David Lloyd has six years’ experience of developing and operating a similar form of training elsewhere in our region and is available for further discussion - .

Please contact Annette Young in the STETS Office to find out more.

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